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Monster Trainer is an action/simulation RPG game that centers around capturing and training different types of monsters. This game is still in development and I intend to continue releasing many improvements over time as well.

Main Features:

  • Clothing destruction system. As you fight in combat your clothing and your opponents clothing takes damage, when you are defeated you end up in only your underwear or when you are victorious your enemy is left in theirs.
  • Fun simple combat RPG game with simple interface
  • Exclusive artwork drawn by Bare-Cartoons
  • Random events that center around an ENF (embarassed naked female) theme, where you stumble across those awkward situations from time to time.

Development Plan:

Right now Monster trainer is in Alpha it is not finished and it is not a fully playable game it is simply a proof of concept right now, but I am continually updating it on a monthly basis and it will soon (within a month or two) reach a stage where I can comfortably call it a beta where I will be focusing more on balancing the game rather than simply finishing only content.


Currently the game price will be set at $5.00 for the full version, this includes any future updates. On Twitch I will release an update every other month, my supporters on Patreon will receive one every month since they are charged every month, here you will only be charged once. Also the price will most likely be raised in the future so earlier is better if you want a better price.


Here I will post a change log of what is in each version of the game as I release them:

ChangeLog/New Features in v1.5.0:

  • Added more storyline
  • Added interactive dialogue (choices)
  • Added the purchaseable monster restaurant
  • Overhaul of the GUI to attempt to make it more intuitive
  • Added save/load feature (only supports 1 file currently)
  • Updated compression to reduce file size in mobile .apk version
  • Many backend overhauls to improve stability and fix bugs
  • Added the animated harpy monster
  • bug fixes (locked out of combat bug, monster population change bugs, duplicate windows bugs)
  • Created the HUD, and allow it to minimize
  • created filler art for Mayor Minnie
  • added tooltips to combat attacks to show damage and hit chance
  • updates to dialogue/text
  • added features to the construction shop
  • Created basic skeleton for new day summary window to show the important events of the day.

Demo Vs. Actual:

I want to release a type of demo to at least give you an idea of what I'm trying to create even if you don't want to support me and that is what the demo is for, but the thing about the demo is the clothing destruction is censored and some random events are unavailable. This allows me to create a more...shall we say family friendly version of the game, but if you like my art and want to see more of the characters then please consider paying for the full version of the months game.

About the creator:

I am Bare-Cartoons I am a learning digital artist, programmer, and game designer. I love to create things in my free time and one of my goals is to try and start my own game studio, even a few dollars here and there helps bring that goal closer and I don't need to become some huge studio. I just want to be able to continue creating games and art so any support is greatly appreciated.

More information

Published80 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction RPG, enf, Monsters, sexy, simulation
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone
Player countSingleplayer


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monster-trainer-android-full.zip 35 MB if you pay $5.00 USD or more


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This game still getting updated?

It's been getting updated, but I actually just haven't updated this site in a while. I'll post the updated version in a bit.

Thanks. Major change to the old one. Lots of new stuff.